Game Jam Rules

Official GameCamp! Game Jam 2016 Rules

Teams are capped at 3 members each.

This year’s game jam is open to both digital and analog game submissions.

Analog game submissions can include boards, cards, dice, figurines, and other physical materials.

For digital game submissions, you are free to develop your submission using any software tools or platforms you have legal license to use.

You are allowed to use any existing code, assets, and other resources that you have legal license to use. This includes using open source and Creative Commons licensed materials. When using materials you did not create, be sure to attribute the source.

Your submission will need to address the theme announced at the start of the Game Jam. Feel free to interpret the theme in different ways.

Your submission to the game jam will be openly available to the rest of the game development community at UC Davis.

Submissions to the game jam reflect not only the creators but also GameCamp! as well as the UC Davis community. Be thoughtful about the game you make and submit to the game jam.

Teams that complete the game jam will receive shirts commemorating this achievement, other swag, and chances to win exciting prizes like drawing tablets, subscriptions to Playstation Plus and XBox Live, and other goodies.

This year’s theme is:


Game Jam 2016 Judging Categories

Judges’ Choice: game that most effective brings together game play mechanics, story, audiovisual design, and other elements to address the theme

Interpretation of Theme: game that most refreshingly and responsibly addresses the theme by taking into account a broad range of users, life experiences, and interpretations

Innovation: game that best demonstrates novel and innovative ideas in game play mechanics, story, and/or audiovisual design