2015 – Workshop Materials

Did you go to a GameCamp! workshop and now want access to the instructional materials?

Did you miss a workshop and want to run it for yourself and your friends?

We’ll be uploaded the instructions, guides, sliders, and other materials used during the GameCamp! workshops here for your reference.

Paper Prototyping Workshop:

These materials are from the Thursday, December 4, 2014 workshops on paper prototyping:
Paper Prototyping Workshop Slides
Paper Prototyping Workshop Social Problems

They are based on the “Making Revolutionary Videogames with Verbs” workshop developed by Mollieindustria and Una Lee. Sprite sheets and other resources can be found at the Mollieindustria page.

Genre Bending Workshop:

These are the materials used for the Thursday, January 15, 2015 workshops on genre bending:
Genre Bending Workshop Slides
Genre Bending Workshop Decoding Sheets
Genre Bending Workshop Rapid Ideas
Genre Bending Workshop Game Treatment Worksheet

Procedural Thinking Workshop:

These are the materials used on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 to run the workshop on procedural thinking:
Procedural Thinking Workshop Slides
Procedural Thinking Workshop Flowcharts

MiniJam Workshop:

These are the materials used on Thursday, February 26, 2015 to run the MiniJam workshop:
MiniJam Workshop Slides
MiniJam Workshop Design Doc
MiniJam Workshop Storyboard Template
MiniJam Workshop Flowchart Key

Introduction to Unity® Workshops:

These are the materials used for the series of Unity® workshops run in April 2015 in collaboration with the Game Dev @ Davis group:
Introduction to Unity® Tutorial
Introduction to Scripting in Unity® Tutorial
2D Platforming in Unity® Tutorial

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