2015 – Submissions Gallery

GameCamp! Game Jam 2015

The Design Doc for each submission includes some descriptive information about the game, instructions for how to run and play it, tools and platforms used, and discussion of the game’s relationship to the theme of “i can’t breathe.”

Don’t Breathe

***Judges’ Choice Winner***

By: Conrad Fay, Michael Lee, Christopher Ng
Don’t Breathe Design Document
Don’t Breathe Game Link
*requires Unreal Engine 4 to play

“We really enjoyed the way you conceptualized “i can’t breathe” as an intentional, voluntary act rather than mandatory […] The game mechanic of holding your breath to solve puzzles was fun, interesting, and worked quite well […]”
-from Reviewer Comments

Fishy Flop

***Innovation Winner***

By: Brian Mah, Daniel Schlesinger, and Jordan Henderson
Fishy Flop Design Document
Fishy Flop Game Link

“We particularly enjoyed your visual design, which cohesively incorporated the theme and provided a fun and unique hand-drawn style to the game. The flopping around was a particularly nice touch […]”
-from Reviewer Comments

What You Will

***Interpretation of Theme Winner***

By: Nicholas Frederici and Peter Vue
What You Will Design Document
What You Will Game Link
*requires RPG Maker to play

“The least literal interpretation of ‘i can’t breathe,’ showing us an internal psychological journey about the fallout from a suffocating relationship […]”
-from Reviewer Comments

Because I Spit Hot Fire

By: Dylan Wang and Amos Too
Because I Spit Hot Fire Design Document
Because I Spit Hot Fire Game Link

“A showcase or testbed for the mechanic of swapping up controller functions or distorting the screen in various ways […]”
-from Reviewer Comments

Blind Love

By: Luke Van Amburg, SoHyun Park, and Shelby Nickles
Blind Love Design Document
Blind Love Game Link
*requires RPG Maker to play

“The concept for ‘Blind Love’ was unique, asking how we make sense of our selves through sensing social dynamics […]”
-from Reviewer Comments


By: Teresa Nelson and John Knoll
DiverGent Design Document
DiverGent Game Link

“A cute take on the jam’s theme of ‘i can’t breathe’ [with] enjoyable visuals […]”
-from Reviewer Comments

I Can’t Breathe

By: Benjamin Bjorkman
I Can’t Breathe Design Document
I Can’t Breathe Game Link

“An art game of sorts […] highly stylized visuals […] a lot of potential here to push the other elements in a more cohesive and serious direction […] to questions of environmental pollution, etc. […]”
-from Reviewer Comments