2016 – Submissions Gallery

GameCamp! Game Jam 2016

The Design Doc for each submission includes some descriptive information about the game, instructions for how to run and play it, tools and platforms used, and discussion of the game’s relationship to the theme of “rigging.”


***Judges’ Choice Winner***

By: Nicholas Frederici and Amanda Burke
Correction Design Document
Correction Game Link

“This game was beautifully done, from art to music to game mechanics”
-from Reviewer Comments

Betrayal on the Raptor’s Claw

***Innovation Winner***

By: Alison Tam, Christie Noe, and Esha Patel
Betrayal on the Raptor’s Claw Design Document
Betrayal on the Raptor’s Claw Game Link

“We really appreciated the care taken here with inclusive character design”
-from Reviewer Comments

Hover Horse Racing

***Interpretation of Theme Winner***

By: Arthur Palomo
What You Will Design Document
What You Will Game Link

“We really enjoyed the rigging mechanic of this game, as well as the small details like news stories that popped up in story mode”
-from Reviewer Comments


By: Chris Ng and Kenneth Ng
Dystopolis Design Document
Dystopolis Game Link

*requires Windows to play

“a lot of fun to play, and we hope you will continue to develop it”
-from Reviewer Comments

Little Samurai

By: Alice Chen, Victor Wu, and Alvin Situ
Little Samurai Design Document
Little Samurai Game Link

-from Reviewer Comments

The Red Line

By: Anthony Fojas
The Red Line Design Document
The Red Line Game Link

“a clever take on the theme, and the course was indeed quite frustrating to finish”
-from Reviewer Comments

The Rigged Arcade

By: Tyler Welsh
The Rigged Arcade Design Document
The Rigged Arcade Game Link

“This was a fun demo of wacky arcade pieces that have been tampered with in some way”
-from Reviewer Comments

Rigged to Confess

By: Michael Lee, Bayan Mashat, and Kevin Ip
Rigged to Confess Design Document
Rigged to Confess Game Link

“This game had an intriguing premise and potential for lots of replayability”
-from Reviewer Comments

Room Escape

By: Jessica Hsieh
Room Escape Design Document
Room Escape Game Link

*requires MacOS to play

“plenty of atmosphere, and it was fun trying to figure out which items to click next”
-from Reviewer Comments

Unity® Technical Excellence Awards

In addition to the prizes and swag for GameCamp! Game Jam 2016 entries, we introduced a new award to three participants this year, recognizing outstanding technical prowess in the game design workshops this year as well as in their own game development. The following recipients of the award receive a Unity® Annual License:
-Michael Lee
-Christopher Ng
-Dominik Konecny