GameCamp! by ModLab

Come make games with us!

Are you interested in making a game but are intimidated to try?

The UC Davis ModLab presents “GameCamp!”, a year-long series of workshops about how to design and implement games leading to a month-long game jam event in May for the UC Davis community. This series of workshops will prepare participants from the campus community to create their own games by the game jam.

We welcome creators of all levels and experiences, and particularly encourage those who feel they might not have the technological chops to create a digital game. We’d like to prove you wrong.

The workshop series, which will run across the course of the school year, will offer instruction and exploration in idea generation for game design, visual and musical artistry through asset creation, and primers to a few commonly used game making tools, including Unity, GameMaker, and Twine. At the end of the series of workshops, ModLab will host a campus-wide game jam in May so you can put your new skills, ideas, and strategies to the test by making your own game.

Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and other members of the UC Davis community are encouraged to participate.

This site will provide announcements, schedules, and other information related to GameCamp! by UC Davis ModLab over the academic year.

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