Registration Open for Board Game Remixes Workshop, Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Join us on Tuesday, February 16 , 2016, from 5:10-7pm for “Board Game Remixes,” a GameCamp! session in which participants will form groups and collaboratively collage, combine, alter, and augment a classic board game. Following both the imaginary games of writers and artists like Italo Calvino, Yoko Ono, David Foster Wallace, and Mary Flanagan as well as recent remixes like Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, we will create new games together that challenge our assumptions about the goals, rules, and mechanics of familiar games like checkers and chess, dice and cards, Scrabble and Pictionary, Monopoly and Battleship. At GameCamp! we will design chess matches where you have to buy your moves with Monopoly money, Scrabble boards where dice rolls determine what nonsense words you can play, BattleShip games where you try not to sink the wrong Blackjack hands. If board game design begins with close attention to play and simple modifications, then in this GameCamp! we will all learn how to make new games together by bending the rules, playing together, and inventing new games that comment on and critique popular forms of domestic play.

Because of the very limited space available, we will only be able to have 30 participants. As such, filling out the registration form will put you in a queue for a spot in the workshop first. You will receive an email a few days after registering letting you know if you have a spot in the workshop or are placed on a waitlist.

Register for the workshop here: