Announcing Upcoming Workshops in Blender and Other Tools

The Game Dev @ Davis Group will be holding workshops on texturing in Blender

W, April 29, Texturing in Blender – 6:00-8:00pm in the CaTS Lab (Art Annex Building)
R, April 30, Texturing in Blender – 6:00-8:00pm in the CaTS Lab (Art Annex Building)

Texturing is often the next step in the 3D asset creation workflow after modeling. This workshop will be going over the technical process of unwrapping a model for texturing, and the artistic process of using digital painting to texture that model.

The technical part of this workshop assumes you have very basic knowledge of Blender, but you should be able to get by without it. However, it is recommended that you follow a couple of Blender workshops if you have no experience. The artistic part of the workshop does not assume you have any artistic experience. Drawing tablets will be provided to you, but if you have your own then it will very likely be better than the ones provided, so feel free to bring it. We will also utilize many of the new painting features from Blender 2.74, so if you already have Blender installed, make sure you have the newest version.

Participants will need to bring their own laptops for this workshop. It’s recommended you come early so that you can get set up with your drawing tablet, and make sure all your software is working.

Note: If you have another tablet’s drivers installed, it seems to interfere with the provided tablets’ drivers. Both cannot be installed at the same time, so if you want to use a provided tablet, make sure any other tablet drivers are uninstalled.

Open Instruction Time for Twine, Game Maker, and Scratch

W, April 29, Open Instruction Time for Game Development in Twine, Game Maker, and Scratch – 1:10-5:00pm in 234 Cruess Hall

GameCamp! coordinators will be available from 1:10-5:00pm in 234 Cruess Hall (the ModLab) to assist anyone who wants to learn game development in Twine, Game Maker, and Scratch. These different game making platforms are particularly designed to be accessible to users who want to make games but who have little to no previous experience in software development.

Drop-in at your convenience!!! We will have tutorials and exercises ready for you to dive into making games with these tools. While there will be a computer with these programs available, it is encouraged that users bring their own laptops if they have one for convenience.