Official Announcement for the GameCamp! Game Jam 2015 Rules and Registration

We want to announce officially to everyone that the GameCamp! website has been updated with the official rules for GameCamp! Game Jam 2015.

Also available are online registration forms to participate in the game jam and in the launch event.

Teams that complete the game jam will receive shirts commemorating this achievement, other swag, and chances to win exciting prizes like Unity® Licenses, drawing tablets, subscriptions to Playstation Plus and XBox Live, and other goodies.

The GameCamp! Game Jam Launch Event is Friday, May 1, 2015, beginning at 5pm at Gun Rock Pub. In addition to unveiling the game jam theme, the launch event will also provide a space for participants to form and finalize teams, begin brainstorming game ideas, and enjoy free food.

The Launch Event is open to members of the UC Davis community interested in and supportive of game development here on campus. Participating in the game jam is not a requirement to attend and celebrate game development here at UC Davis. There will be free food.

Game Jam Rules:

Game Jam and Launch Event Registration: